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Passion Dust

magiculate vaginal discharge capsules

no pads · no liners · no secrets

Passion Dust is a vaginal suppository that is designed to resolve a common issue that is universal to all women. The "snail trail", 'crusty crotch' or whatever you call it, is the result of vaginal fluid that dries up in the seat of your panties leaving a sticky or crusty residue. Vaginal discharge is normal and natural. It is how we know that 'Mother nature' is doing her job. Passion Dust does not affect your body's natural process it only changes the visual result of what you see in the end, a trail of sparkle. Imagine, no more pads to wear, no panty liners to throw away, nothing to hide. 

Passion Dust is the only sparkalized capsule in the world that is designed and formulated for safe vaginal use. Passion Dust is not a medicinal supplement nor should it be used to treat any vaginal disorders such as vaginal odor, UTI's or yeast infections. Passion Dust is for cosmetic purposes only. Its purpose is to save your panties from unsightly stains caused by vaginal discharge for the same reason that you may wear pads or panty liners. Even if you do not wear panties all of the time you can use Passion Dust just for fun.



How does it work?

How will I know if it works?

It's really quite simple. We encapsulate the Passion Dust formula inside a pill that begins to dissolve (or melt) away after being inserted into the vagina. The warmth and moisture of the area is what causes the capsule to dissolve. After approximately 30 minutes to an hour the sparkle is released. 

If you are concerned about how all of those little particles will leave your body that too is simple to explain. 'Mother nature' does the work. Your vagina is self-cleaning so the little bit of sparkle that goes in is also naturally cleaned back out. This is why the sparkle effect lasts for such a short time. 

Is it safe?

Yes, it's safe. 'weird' but still safe. If you do not have any known allergies to any of the ingredients in Passion Dust, it is perfectly safe. Passion Dust is made with all natural (body safe), organic and non-toxic ingredients. This would also includes the glitter we use which is biodegradable made of plant cellulose not plastic or metal. No sugars or perfumes. Nothing that would upset the delicate vaginal flora bacteria that causes yeast infections. With that being said; vaginas are different in their ability to handle what we put in them. No one can say what causes some women to be more or less sensitive to certain feminine products and we don't know your body the way that you do so we advise you to use at your own discretion.


Passion Dust is perfectly safe to use during regular sex including oral. It isn't gritty like sand or anything so you can't feel it inside and there are no flavors added to taste. There is virgin coconut oil in the formula which does a have a naturally sweet taste that may or may not come through. Please keep in mind that Passion Dust is not a lubricant and that it contains coconut oil which could affect the integrity of some condoms. 

The ingredients in Passion Dust are not harmful if swallowed but the capsule itself is only meant to be used vaginally. We advise against inserting the capsule in any orifice that is not self-cleaning such as the mouth or anus.

What's in it?

Active ingredients: virgin coconut oil, medium-chain triglyceride, eucalyptus, brazilian soursop, 0.25ml of natural cbd (0% thc).

Inactive ingredients: 99.9% pure 24k gold

How do I use it?

  • Make sure that you are using clean hands.

  • Insert 1 capsule inside your vaginal opening. (you should insert it deep enough so that your vaginal muscles do not push the capsule back out but you do not need to push past your cervix)

  • Wait for the sparkle. The time it takes for the capsule to dissolve will vary most times it only takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. Just before you bathe or shower is an ideal time because the warm water and rising body temperature will speed up the process.

You will see it. Once the outer capsule has dissolved and the sparkle is released you will know because you will see it in your discharge or when you use the restroom and wipe yourself.

Can I have sex if I have used Passion Dust?

How long does it last?

The effects typically last 1 to 5 days. This can vary depending on the size of the capsule and how often you have discharge.


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