As an Ambassador

you will...

Download the WIX app and join our community as an ambassador

Your success with Passion Dust will depend on you. You earn a commission on the sales that are made when people use your personal code. 


• You will get a referral code for your followers and friends to use for which you will receive a commission each time your personal code is used. Your commission will be 10% for the first 3 months that will be increased to 20% if you remain a productive ambassador in good standing. Meaning if you continue to meet the requirements.

• Free product samples monthly as long as all requirements are met. (free samples to influencers with over 3,000 active followers (meaning followers who regularly engage with your content). There is a minimum $40 purchase requirement for influencers or ambassadors with a lesser following. We will give you a 10% discount code for your initial purchase. This is the process to help us weed out the individuals who do not really want to help grow the brand and who are only seeking free products. People who invest take their involvement more seriously and we are looking for serious individuals.

• Get paid through PayPal (accounts are free to setup)

• Create and submit original photos and videos showing that you positively and respectfully endorse Passion Dust.

  • Private accounts won't work. Potential customers and followers need to be able to see your page in order to see your promotions.

• Give (honest) feed back on product. Answer questions.​

• we will provide free and/or discounted product samples for you.

• minimum 2-3 posts per month -- photos or 1-2 30 second video(s) across your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...)

• Include company name in your captions.

  • To show representation and solidarity for the brand, we ask that our ambassadors adopt the word 'Papyón' as a moniker or last name on their social media (*with exceptions). Papyón in french means butterfly. You will be a Passion Dust 'butterfly' which is our brand's logo.

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